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Calioh Coffee is your trusted partner for end-to-end solutions tailored specifically for independent coffee shops and coffee retailers. We specialize in providing cafes, restaurants, and commercial coffee-serving locations with expert guidance on:

  • Roasted Specialty Coffee Beans: Our premium, meticulously roasted coffee beans ensure unparalleled flavor and consistency.
  • Commercial Espresso Machines and Coffee Equipment Service: We supply top-of-the-line espresso machines and offer comprehensive maintenance services.
  • Coffee Service Bar Design and Workflow Optimization: Our experienced team helps design efficient and attractive coffee bars, optimizing workflow for maximum efficiency.

With extensive experience assisting coffee operators from concept to implementation, we have the expertise to help you open your next coffee operation faster and more cost-effectively. Trust Calioh Coffee to elevate your coffee shop with our unparalleled expertise and solutions.Click HERE to fill out a quick form so we can connect you with our team.

Espresso Machine Sales and Service

Your Local Leader in Espresso Machine Sales and Service

Calioh Coffee: Expert Espresso Solutions for Any Budget

Calioh Coffee is the local industry leader in professional espresso machine sales, service, and installation. Our manufacturer-direct pricing allows us to offer competitive rates that fit any budget, along with flexible equipment financing and lease programs.

As an authorized sales and service provider for top brands like La Marzocco, Slayer, and Nuova Simonelli, we ensure high-quality equipment and support. Whether for home, office, cafe, or pop-up, we offer exclusive pricing and personalized concierge service.

Personalized Sales Experience

Every sale is conducted one-on-one to gather your needs and provide a competitive quote including freight, installation, a preventative maintenance plan, and a 12-month warranty.

Reach out to Calioh Coffee for expert guidance and competitive pricing on professional espresso machines.

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Moorpark Cafe

Our Moorpark coffee shop is open from 7 AM to 3 PM daily. We roast our own specialty coffee at our roastery in Ventura. Our tea is mostly loose leaf and comes from Rishi and Art of Tea. And our Matcha is ceremonial grade.

We serve pastries and small bites from Farmshop. We also have delicious avocado toast and a selection of empanadas. Click HERE to view the menu or order online.

252 W. Los Angeles Ave., Unit D. Moorpark, CA 93021

Calioh Coffee Shop Moorpark

Local Roasted Coffee

Experience Our Award Winning Specialty Coffee

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We're pretty confident and stand behind our coffee 100%. Which makes our return/exchange policy pretty simple. If you're not happy with your coffee let us know within seven days of receiving it and we'll either refund you or send you a bag of something else to try. No restocking fees. No return shipping charges. None of that...

Coffee Musings

Swiss Water Process Coffee: A Natural Decaf Solution

Swiss Water Process Coffee: A Natural Decaf Solution

Coffee lovers often seek a caffeine-free alternative for health reasons or to enjoy coffee without jitters. The Swiss Water Process stands out as a natural, chemical-free decaffeination method that preserves the coffee's rich flavors. Unlike traditional methods using solvents, the Swiss Water Process relies solely on water to extract caffeine, ensuring a purer and healthier cup. This environmentally friendly process involves soaking green coffee beans, filtering out caffeine with activated charcoal, and reintroducing flavor compounds. Enjoy a decaffeinated coffee that stays true to its original taste with the Swiss Water Process—beneficial for both your palate and the planet.

Head to our 'Coffee' tab to grab a bag of decaf to brew at home.

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The Artistry of Baristas: From Tradition to Modern Mastery

The Artistry of Baristas: From Tradition to Modern Mastery

Baristas, the unsung heroes of coffee culture, transform simple coffee into masterpieces. Originating in Italy, baristas have evolved from early 20th-century espresso craftsmen to modern coffee connoisseurs. Their journey spans continents and centuries, bringing espresso-making expertise to countries like France, Spain, and the United States. Today's baristas are well-versed in various coffee beans, brewing methods, and latte art, often undergoing rigorous training. Their role in popular culture and specialty coffee shops highlights their dedication to crafting perfect coffee experiences. Every cup reflects their artistry, ensuring a delightful experience for coffee lovers.

Head to our blog page to learn more about the artistry behind your favorite brews.

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Water: The Key to Perfect Coffee

Water: The Key to Perfect Coffee

Coffee lovers know the secret to a perfect cup lies in water quality. This article explores how water's mineral content, temperature, and ratio impact the coffee brewing process. Filtered or bottled water with balanced minerals ensures optimal flavor, while the ideal brewing temperature (195°F to 205°F) and precise coffee-to-water ratio (one to two tablespoons per six ounces) are crucial. The brewing method and time also affect the taste, with minerals enhancing extraction and pH levels influencing acidity. Elevate your coffee by experimenting with water types and brewing techniques, recognizing water's vital role in crafting your favorite brew.

Discover more brewing secrets in our blog posts.

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