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Bulletproof Coffee -- What is it?

Bulletproof Coffee -- What is it? Have you heard of bulletproof coffee? It's a mixture of coffee, butter, and MCT oil. Maybe you've heard it called butter coffee before? We've been experimenting with some recipes and found something that you'll love. It shreds fat and will make you sharp as a tack. Read more...

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Moka Pot Brew Guide

Moka Pot Brew Guide

The Moka Pot is a very simple but impressive little device. They're ubiquitous in Italy, Portugal, Spain and Latin America. They're gaining increasing popularity in the USA. The Moka Pot was a big part of our gateway to drinking better coffee. Now we use our Pot at home on occasion...

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Espresso Brew Guide

Espresso Brew Guide

Ok. Be forewarned, but please don't be intimidated. Brewing espresso is very technical and could possibly qualify as a dark art. The equipment demands are heavy and the costs will add up. Truthfully, if you're not planning on pulling at least a shot per day and a few on the weekend then...

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Our Philosophy

Simple and sustainable...

Calioh Coffee Roasters is driven to share great coffee that's sustainable yet simple and approachable. It also helps that our coffee is fantastic -- Would you expect anything less from a craft product business?

Since we have quality in the bag we're able to focus on bigger issues. We believe that it's vitally important to take care of the earth while we also take care of our bodies, which is why we offer only organic coffees and package our beans in compostable packages. If we can keep some pesticides out of the soil and some plastic bags out of the landfill then perhaps we can make this a better place.

Like our old childhood friend says, "Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to better. It's not. -- The Lorax (Dr. Seuss)

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