About Us

Calioh Coffee was established in 2016. We were one of only a few specialty coffee roasters in Ventura County California at the time; and still are. We came into the coffee scene primarily because Matt, our founder, fell in love with specialty coffee. He quickly found that not many people knew about specialty coffee at the time. So he felt compelled to share specialty coffee with the community. Today, we're still on that same crusade. Currently, we're sharing specialty coffee with like minded cafe owners and restauranteurs through our end-to-end wholesale cofeee program. As well through our private label program where we help folks get our artisanal specialty coffee wrapped up in their fabulous packaging. Sometimes our wholesale and private label programs blend together for a perfect win-win partnership. Soon, we'll be opening our first cafe. Here, we'll be able to have a grander stage on which to share our love for coffee face to face.

Calioh Café

Our first coffee shop will be opening in Moorpark California in spring 2023. For updates, sign up for our email list and check our social media often. We'll be sending out invitations for our grand opening as soon as we get a green light from the health department.

Wholesale Coffee Roaster

We roast for cafes, restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, and business offices. We're what you might call a B2B coffee provider or coffee wholesaler. However, we offer all of our amazing coffees right here on our website for anyone to enjoy. Whether you're an established cafe looking to improve your coffee program or a new venture looking to start from scratch, Calioh Coffee can handle your needs! Click here to learn about how Calioh Coffee can provide value to your coffee program.

Private Label Coffee

Calioh Coffee is pioneering the way private label coffee partnerships are created. We are client focused and highly adept at packaging design. We'll work hard to bring your brand to life in the shortest time possible. And we'll simplify your sales process by fulfilling your sales through our distribution network. Click here to learn more.

Finally, better coffee...

We've been roasting coffee since 2016. In that time, we've learned a thing or two about roasting and blending coffees. Moreover, we've learned a lot about consumer preferences. That said, we have carefully crafted our blends and meticulously selected our single origin coffees based on those findings. We have a coffee that will suit most any palate; from the light and floral acidity found in our Glen Park blend, to the deep and bold chocolate and caramel notes found in our Shift Work blend. We have a coffee (probably) that's just right for you. We've done this so well that we've also won a few awards.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We're pretty confident and stand behind our coffee 100%. Which makes our return/exchange policy pretty simple. If you're not happy with your coffee let us know within seven days of receiving it and we'll either refund you or send you a bag of something else to try. No restocking fees. No return shipping charges. None of that...

Continuous Improvement

Calioh Coffee belongs to numerous professional trade organizations. These afffiliations allow us to learn emerging trends and pass critical information back to our partners.

We belong to the most respected association of coffee professionals worldwide. The SCA is built on foundations of openness, inclusivity, and the power of shared knowledge. They support activity to make specialty coffee a thriving, equitable, and sustainable activity for the entire value chain.

We belong to a specialty coffee community of other third wave coffee roasters dedicated to inspiring a diverse coffee roasting community through the development and promotion of the roasting profession.

1% for the Planet

At Calioh Coffee we care deeply for the planet. Moreover, we're very passionate about sustainable coffee production. In the past, we thought that organic certification was the best way for us to care for our planet while encouraging sustainable coffee production. However, after taking a deep dive into the subject, we decided to reinvest our organic certification fees and support 1% for the Planet instead. Watch this video to learn more about that decision process.

Our Blog

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