Wholesale Coffee Roaster

Calioh Coffee is quality driven and focused on providing exceptional value to cafés, fine dining and hospitality establishments. We are dedicated to crafting an artisanal product that complements your menu and impresses your guests.

Every batch of Calioh Coffee is expertly roasted for quality and consistency. We use one of the best roasting machines in the industry and our head roaster is certified by the Specialty Coffee Association. Couple our skills and experience with our premier coffees and you're guaranteed a coffee program that will rival some of the best. If you've made it this far and would like to receive some free samples, click here and drop a few free sample bags in your cart. 

Calioh Coffee also provides full sales and service of professional grade coffee equipment. Some of the equipment that we have current trade relationships with are La Marzocco, Mazzer, Nuova Simonelli, Victoria Arduino, Curtis, and Fetco.

We'd be happy to discuss any needs that you may have for your business.

If you want more information, please email contact@caliohcoffee.com