Calioh Coffee Roasters is the premier full service wholesale coffee roaster in the Greater Los Angeles Region. We're a quality driven coffee service focused on fine dining, cafés, hospitality and offices/industry. We're dedicated to crafting an artisanal product that complements your menu and satisfies your guests. We're a third-wave coffee roasting operation through and through, but that doesn't mean we're super trendy. We like to keep our coffees simple and approachable. We don't roast too dark, and we don't roast too light. We keep it right in the middle. We also roast our coffees so that they are consistent from batch to batch and don't required a lot of changes by the persons preparing the coffee. Coffee is meant to be simple and enjoyable, not complex, so we try hard to maintain simplicity and enjoyment.

We roast on one of the best machines in the industry and our team is the most skilled and dedicated to the art of roasting. Couple that with our premier organic coffees and you're guaranteed a coffee program that will rival some of the best.



We have a variety of options that can enhance your current coffee program or get you started on a new venture. Here's some information about our wholesale program and some hypothetical solutions for your application. Please call or write with any questions.

Café: We will happily provide your cafe with whole bean coffee only; however, we're fully capable of getting you set up with top of the line equipment as well.  We proudly offer access to industry leading machines such as: La Marzocco, Nuova Simonelli, Victoria Arduino, Mazzer, Curtis and Fetco. 

Fine Dining and Hospitality: We offer all of the same packages to our restaurant and hotel clients as we do cafes, just on a slightly smaller scale. There is also the opportunity to receive ground pre-portioned packets for coffee brewers, but we don't love doing that for the sake of freshness.

B2B: We know that many businesses run on caffeine. We also know that many businesses lose a lot of efficiency when their employees go off campus to get coffee. Why not have a fantastic coffee program at the office? That single-serve pod machine may do the trick if it's simply a pick-me-up your employees are after, but it's not difficult to get cafe quality coffee at work. With advances in modern technology in espresso machines you can get your office coffee counter operating like your favorite cafe. We have all of the equipment to get you started. If you want to stick with the standard batch coffee brewer we can accommodate that too. 

Grocery: We proudly offer attractive and simple packages of our whole bean coffee packaged in compostable coffee bags. 

We'd be happy to discuss any needs that you may have for your business. Send us an email, or give us call, and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. And thank you for reading this far and giving us your consideration.