Q: How does our coffee compare to others?
A: Well, first of all, it's just coffee. Coffee nerds try to make it more exciting and complex. They impress you with fancy packaging and lyrical flavor descriptions. Relax Robert Frost -- it's coffee. Most specialty coffee roasters are selling a lot of the same beans and roasting them to 395 - 405 degrees. They keep the beans on the heat for about 12-15 minutes and typically (should) develop the flavor to about a 20-25%. That's the recipe for success. Most rosters don't veer very far from it, much like us. So, our coffee compares very well, but we don't charge you for fancy packaging and a vocabulary of subtle flavor nuances. If you do find honey suckle, morning dew drop and bergamot flavor notes in our coffee, then you're a bad ass!

Q: Can I change or cancel my coffee subscription?
A: Yes! You can change or cancel at any time. Just follow this link to make changes to your account. If you get in a jamb contact us with the details and we'll help you out.

Q: How do I manage my subscription?
A: Follow this link.
Q: Do you sell wholesale to cafes and restaurants?
A: Yes! You can read all about it by following this link. Once you've determined if we'll be a good fit or not you can follow this link to contact us and we'll arrange a gathering.

Q: Do you have a cafe?
A: Yes! Come visit us in Moorpark, California. 252 Los Angeles Ave., Suite D

Q: Where can I buy Calioh Coffee other than your website?
A: You can get a good cup of coffee at our cafe partner locations. Currently that list includes: Copper Coffee Pot in Ventura and The Local Cup in Oak View. Two additional locations are soon to come, with many more in the works. 

Q: I just ordered some coffee, now where's it at already?
A: Check out this link for our roasting and shipping information page. Once your order is roasted and shipped we'll send you tracking information. If you're in California it'll likely be just a day; anywhere else will be 2-3 days after tracking is received.

Q: The coffee at work is really bad! Can you help? 
A: Yes! We can help. We understand how important coffee is to you while you're at work. And we know just how bad it can be. We offer off the shelf subscription options and custom tailored options, too. Call, text or email and we'll be glad to put something together for you. 
Q: Do you offer private label coffee solutions? 
A: Yes! We love creating special white label coffee packaging solutions for others. Connect with us how ever you're most comfortable and we will help you the best we know how. We'll work together on tailoring a special roast that you and your customers to love. We work with some amazing packaging companies who will have a bag material and printing style that matches your style and budget. Minimums do apply but we'll cover all of that. If you're reading this and wondering who else might have access to this program, we also provide white label coffee solutions to groups outside of the coffee industry, i.e. a real estate company looking to create a special "closing gift", or other corporate gifting and promotional aspirations. The sky's the limit! 

Q: I got your beans and made a couple cups of coffee but we found the taste to be blander than the coffee that we had enjoyed in your cafe. Any advice you might have would be greatly appreciated.

A: WATER! We use only really specific water chemistry, or Crystal Geyser. The reverse osmosis system that we have installed in our cafe takes everything out of the water, down to about 3-6 TDS, then we add minerals back in to control the taste. The next best alternative is Crystal Geyser. If you use RO water, you're already behind the 8 ball, and distilled water is even worse. Tap water is just as bad, but on the other side of the spectrum. Correct the water and you'll correct the coffee.