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What They Do

  • Espresso Machine Repair, Sales and Installation
  • Coffee Brewer Repair , Sales and Installation
  • Coffee Grinder Repair , Sales and Installation
  • Espresso Grinder Repair , Sales and Installation
  • Water Filtration Systems Sales and Installation

Espresso Machine Sales: We offer sales and support of all major espresso machine manufacturers:

  • La Marzocco
  • Slayer
  • Nuova Simonelli
  • Eversys

Coffee Grinder Sales: We offer sales and support of all major coffee grinder manufacturers:

  • Mahlkonig
  • Anfim
  • Hey Cafe
  • Mazzer

Coffee Brewer Sales: We offer sales and support of all major coffee brewer manufacturers:

  • Wilbur Curtis
  • Fetco
  • Bunn

Service Charges

$198 per hour during normal business hours.*

$249 per hour for service calls after normal business hours.**

*Two hours minimum charged on all service calls regardless of location, duration or complexity

**Technician "normal" business hours are 9AM until 5PM M - F.

TWO HOURS MINIMUM WILL BE CHARGED ON ALL SERVICE CALLS. Additional travel time beyond one hour round-trip will be billed at the applicable service rate in 10 minute increments.

Equipment Rental

Espresso Machine = $150 per day

Coffee Brewer = $75 per day

Coffee Grinder = $75 per day



Phone: 805-919-8324

Preventative Maintenance

Specialty coffee professionals depend HEAVILY on two things -- staffing and equipment. Without either one a cafe manager finds herself in hot water searching desperately for help (pun intended). Staffing issues we can't help with but broken coffee equipment we can. 

As a famous Dutch philosopher once said, “prevention is better than cure.” We tend to agree. After you experience a catastrophic equipment failure while busting the morning rush you’ll agree, too.

When routine service is conducted it ensures equipment longevity and reduces costly down time. Ensure your equipment is ready with regular preventative maintenance done by a dependable service company.

A good coffee technician will remind you when it's time for your next service appointment and will pre-order the parts for your machine and have them ready when you are. This is an added benefit of building a relationship with your local coffee technician and committing to a preventative maintenance program.

If you have a good relationship with your local technician hopefully he or she has the most common problem parts in inventory. Some common failure parts are solenoids, flow meters and flow restrictors. Each are relatively inexpensive but will stop your bar flow right now if they fail. If you're like most other independent cafes you probably expect your shop to make $500-1000 per day. A failure like this during the morning rush will be an expensive mishap in lost revenue. Plan ahead and make friends with a local technician. 

As members of the Specialty Coffee Association we've been fortunate to learn from some of the best coffee technicians in the industry. And as members of the Coffee Technician's Guild we have an abundance of connections to other seasoned coffee techs whom we can collaborate with when something has us scratching our heads.

We would be happy to repair any coffee equipment or perform any espresso machine maintenance throughout Southern California and Central California. Being based in Ventura County we do have some boundaries that we loosely adhere to but we understand that coffee techs are hard to come by and we'd hate for you to go without. We’re here to help. If you're ready to tackle some maintenance issues you've been putting off, click HERE to schedule a service appointment. Keep reading if you want to learn more about what we do and how much it's going to cost.

What's It Going To Cost?

You're probably wondering what this is all going to cost, so let's break down some common service calls.

A quarterly (3 month) service should take about 1.5 hours. You'll need $25 in parts per group head. That should complete the costs for parts, if all goes well. $400 is the minimum you should expect for a quarterly visit.

During your next quarterly (6 month) service expect the same routine, however at this visit your water filters need to be replaced. You'll also need some steam valves rebuilt. Expect this visit to cost $400 in labor, and more for parts and filters.

The annual service should take about 3 hours. There's a bit more that goes into this service. Every 12 months your espresso machine needs to have the boiler safety valves replaced, steam valves rebuilt, all quarterly service parts replaced, and in certain circumstances the manual paddles on models such as the La Marzocco Strada will need to be rebuilt. If the later is your case plan on another 1-1.5 hours to rebuild the top-end of the manual paddle. On a two-group espresso machine expect the annual service to start at $700. Remember, this visit should also include replacing the filters on your water filtration system, possibly all of them.

While we're on the subject of water filters... Nobody in Southern California is immune to the devastating affects that So Cal water has on their coffee equipment. You need filtration now! If you need help in this department, we can help.

Let's move on and discuss catastrophic failures. Imagine coming into the shop to find the counter and floor covered in water. What likely happened here is  chlorides in your water ate a hole in your boiler. This is going to cost at minimum $2,000. Be aware that a repair like this is likely to uncover another couple hundred dollars in collateral damage along the way. Aside from an explosion or fire, this is really about as bad as it gets.

If your luck leads you to a failed control board expect to pay around $1,000 for this repair. The computer will be $300-500 and the labor to trace the electrical system and rule out other causes will be the other significant portion of the repair. Don't expect your technician to have your control board in stock so be prepared to figure out an alternative espresso machine solution. Fortunately we have a loaner.

This in nowhere near an exhaustive list of all the things that could go wrong, but it hopefully paints a picture of what to expect when things do.

The central points are: 

  • Establish a relationship with a local, dependable coffee technician
  • Make sure your water is up to SCA water quality specs
  • Plan and execute a preventative maintenance schedule with your tech
  • Prepare yourself and plan a budget to address a catastrophic failure

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