$ 19.00

Origin: Guatemala

Roast: Medium

In the cup: Floral honey, white peach, sparkling acidity and silky mouthfeel

Region: Huehuetenango (way-way-te-NAN-go)

Farm: Tzun Witz

Altitude: 1600 masl

Variety: Caturra

Process: Washed

Producer: Sebastiana Ramirez Vargas

Sebastiana is a second generation coffee grower who inherited her parcel of land from her parents. She and her husband worked to maintain the farm. Focusing on specialty coffee, with help from the El Sendero Cooperative, she and her family have been able to boost their income. “This farm is called Tzun Witz, which means on the mountain in Popti Mayan.


The coffee is harvested at peak maturity, and is depulped around 5 hours after it is picked. The coffee is dry fermented in a tank for 32 hours, a long and slow fermentation. Sebastiana herself is in charge of the coffee processing, and washes the coffee after fermentation is complete. After a thorough washing, the parchment coffee is set out to dry in the sun on a patio. The coffee spends 5 days on the patio (from about 8 AM to 3 PM each day), and Sebastiana ensures that the coffee is turned every hour in order to dry the coffee in a thorough and even manner. After drying is complete, the coffee is stored in clean sacks until she is ready to deliver it to our warehouse in San Antonio Huista.”


“Working with coffee day after day has been complicated by the rising costs of production. Our hope is that buyers will recognize the high quality of our coffee.”