We carry a full line of premium coffees for private label coffee customers.


If you're shopping for a private label coffee provider, then you're already aware of the increasing trend toward private label products. Our custom private label coffee program is perfect for influencers, fundraisers, corporate gifts, and boutique retail stores who what to have their own gourmet coffee brand.

Calioh Coffee makes it easy for you to have your own line of award winning gourmet coffees, complete with your unique brand identity. Depending on how we structure your program, you won't ever have to touch the product. Our dedicated team of roasters and packaging experts handle all the fulfillment.  We will work with you to build a polished and professional private label coffee product. Watch the video below to learn more about out award winning coffee program.



  • Single Origin: South and Central American, African, Indonesian, Indian or special order coffees
  • Fair Trade & Organic: Certified Organic and Shade Grown Available
  • Decaffeinated Coffees: Mountain & Swiss Water Decaf


  • Packaging in: 10 oz Stand Up Pouch or 12 oz and 16 oz Block Bottom or Side Gusseted Bags. Other options are available.
  • Compostable BioTre® bags available
  • K-Cups
  • Nespresso Pods
  • Hotel Packs
  • Available in ground or whole bean


  • Will you drop ship coffee directly to my customers? Yes
  • What does each unit cost? The cost for a standard 12 ounce unit is about $10-$13 per unit. You can expect to sell each unit for about $19-$22. You can get your margins higher by buying in greater volume, carrying inventory, using less expensive packaging material, and other shortcuts. Average drop shipping margins are 15-20%, which these prices fall within.
  • What are your order minimums (MOQ)? Unless we have a drop shipping API wired in for your e-commerce store or POS, we require minimum 15 unit case order at a time.
  • What coffee do you use? We use only 100% arabica specialty grade coffee.
  • Can you toll roast our beans and pack them in our packaging? Yes, however some restrictions may apply. As a general rule of thumb, we charge about $3.00 per pound for toll roasting, or per unit, when toll roasting.
  • What is the difference between White Label and Private Label? With white label, we curate a special green coffee, roast profile and blend, specific to your demands, along with your custom packaging. With Private Label you use one of our already perfected "house" coffees or blends and customize the packaging only.
  • I'm thinking about starting my own coffee roasting business. What's the advantage of private label vs. starting my own roastery. Give this video a view. It might answer some questions.



To learn more about the private label program, please fill out the form on our Linktr.ee account. If you'd prefer to chat, please email us and we'll set it up: contact@caliohcoffee.com