What to expect from us

Matt Powers Headshot
At Calioh Coffee our primary customer is other businesses. We roast for cafes, restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, and business offices. We're what you might call a B2B coffee provider or coffee wholesaler. However, we offer all of our amazing coffees right here on our website for anyone to enjoy.

Whether you're an established cafe looking to improve your coffee program or a new venture looking to start from scratch, Calioh Coffee can handle your needs! 



We are constantly trying to refine our craft while pushing the boundaries of roasting. Our aggressive approach to innovation requires an equal commitment to innovative coffee sourcing.

Anyone who appreciates quality will tell you that to make anything great you have to first start with good ingredients. We couldn't agree more so we labor endlessly over finding the best coffees from farms all around the world. This is a never ending crusade and we will continue to scour the worlds finest growing regions for the highest quality beans. We guarantee that we consider not only the quality but also the traceability of every coffee we offer.


Right tool for the job

We work closely with industry leading equipment manufacturers and suppliers to provide you all the necessities you'd need to start or upgrade your coffee program. We can get you the professional gear you'll need to brew fantastic coffee at your cafe, hotel, restaurant, or workplace. We offer full service of all equipment including installation, preventative maintenance and repair. We are one of only a few coffee equipment service providers in the region.


Our Roasting Philosophy 

We believe in roasting coffee that people love. We actively listen to customer preferences and adjust our style to match what you're asking for. We're confident that our coffees will please the majority of pallets across the board. We guarantee it or we'll make it better. We aim to please!



The journey to becoming a certified roaster by the Specialty Coffee Association was not easy. Matt, the head roaster at Calioh, traveled a lot to achieve this certification. The majority of his training took place in San Rafael at the Boot Training Campus while other classes were taken at coffee industry expositions. Not only does the SCA coffee roaster education pathway require training in roasting coffee, but you're also expected to learn myriad other skills. Here's just a few of the additional courses that had to be completed: coffee cupping, green coffee buying, brewing techniques and more. To be honest, it was pretty time consuming but in the end it made Matt a much more well rounded coffee professional.

Not All Things Are Meant To Be

If you're looking for dark french roasted coffee, or on the opposite spectrum, light cinnamon roasts, we might not be the best fit. Also, if you value price over quality, again, we might not be the right fit. We expect our wholesale partners to have knowledge of Specialty Coffee brewing standards and a general appreciation of exactly what the specialty coffee industry embodies -- which is quality over price, people over profit, and building lasting relationships.


Professional Affiliations