The Beginnings 

Our adventure into coffee was first imagined in 2014 after returning from a backpacking trip in California's Sierra Nevada Mountains. I'd wake up each morning on the trail to see the mountains' shadows reflecting off the shimmering lakes while I prepared a cowboy coffee fresh off the Jet Boil. No matter how much better my brew was than other options, it was still just barely palatable. During that trip I begged that there was a way to get better coffee on the trail. When I returned to civilization the first thing I did was bought a cup of "real" coffee. I happened across a fantastic little cafe in Mammoth that was doing things I'd never seen before. But even before my epiphany in the Sierra I had already been on a crusade for a great cup of coffee.

Shortly after, I discovered this little funnel device where you pour water over the coffee grounds and let it drip straight into the cup. Sounds archaic but little did I know it was all the rave. Enter the pour-over. From there I was completely hooked. I started to figure out all the tricks of the trade. I was monitoring water temperature, dialing in the grind size, and most importantly, I began buying fresh roasted coffee. The magic in a good, no, a GREAT cup of coffee is just that, GREAT coffee. But also important is the water quality and correct brewing temperature, appropriate and uniform grind size, and the correct equipment. What else I've learned along the way is that many other people are trying to find the same great cup of coffee. That might be you, why else would you be reading this. What I quickly realized is that there wasn't much attention in the specialty coffee industry being devoted to the home and hospitality sectors. So, we're working hard to figure out how to best take care of those folks.

What to expect

Whether you're new to the specialty coffee world and looking for something new to try or you're opening a new cafe and need all the equipment and coffee to go with it -- Calioh Coffee Roasters can handle your needs! We are constantly trying to refine our craft while also pushing the boundaries of roasting.  We also work closly with industry leading equipment manufactures and suppliers to provide you all the necessities you'd need to start or upgrade your coffee program. 


Anyone who knows a thing or two about quality will tell you that to make anything great you have to first start with good ingredients, so we've started by finding some of the best coffees that we can from farms around the world. In our never-ending quest for creating the perfect cup we will continue to scour the worlds finest growing regions for the highest quality beans, keep ourselves up to date on the most recent trends in the coffee industry, and calibrate our quality against the best roasters in the world, all to deliver you a superior cup of coffee. In case you were wondering about our stance on ethical trading, we strictly offer only sustainable and traceable coffees. We want to have a connection to each region that we source coffee from to ensure that the products that we share with all of you are fairly traded and sustainably sourced. We're trying to set a benchmark in the industry for quality and ethics and this is our way of getting on that path. We strongly believe that it's vitally important to take care of the wonderful people that bring us such fantastic coffees, and to nurture the soil from which it grows with hopes that one day we'll be able to improve how coffee is produced and traded worldwide. Take a look at our transparency report to get a better idea.

The raw green coffees that we bring in here at Calioh are going to be some of the best coffees available. We vigilantly keep our eye out for the freshest, most sustainable coffees world wide. We actively track freshly harvested coffees that are on the water coming from origin countries as well as coffees that are available from our importer's warehouse. We guarantee that we consider the traceability of our coffee before anything else. Only after we confirm the sustainability of a coffee do we consider its quality. 

Right tool for the job

Another component of creating anything great is having the right equipment. Our fathers always tell us you have to use the right tool for the job, right? Ever try using a phillips screwdriver on a flat screw? Doesn't work. Same goes for using a blade spice grinder for coffee. It'll work, I guess, but there is a better way. We offer a curated selection of the equipment that we've found to be the best, for the home and the professional.

For our business customers we offer you the same fantastic coffees. We've also made connections with commercial equipment manufactures and suppliers to get you the gear you'll need to brew fantastic coffee at your cafe, hotel, restaurant, or workplace. You'll be able to utilize our bulk buying power to decrease your costs while increasing your revenue. If you're looking for a private label program to compliment your coffee program we can help with that, too.  

We're proud to say that we're one of very few full service wholesale specialty coffee roasters in the Greater Los Angeles region. 

Our Roasting Philosophy

We believe in roasting coffee that people love. We have our own preferences in roast degree but we also understand that those preferences are not equally appreciated across the industry. We aim to please, but we also know a thing or two about the coffees that we roast and we roast each one to them their optimal degree. We're confident that our coffees will please the majority of pallets across the board. We guarantee it or we'll make it better. 

We roast on a Giesen coffee roaster. This machine is one of the best machines on the market and was custom built for our needs. The quality of materials, level of craftsmanship and the use of modern technology enables us to produce a final product with flavor that cannot be matched. We also use a software program that is integrated with the internal computer of our coffee roaster. This software monitors the temperature, gas pressure, air pressure inside the drum, as well as the drum RPM. Our roast-master prefers the artisanal approach to roasting, using the five senses, but this software helps to keep us consistent.