$ 95.00

Replacing group head parts is critical to espresso quality. Many manufactures recommend replacing these parts quarterly.

Over time rubber gaskets get hard and brittle. This decreases the portafilter seal thus decreasing the pressure behind the espresso puck. 

The screen and screw become clogged over time due build up of coffee oils and grinds. A new screen and screw ensure even distribution of water over the espresso puck and greatly improves even extraction.

Service includes removal of old parts and installation of one new group gasket, one new group screen and one new group screen screw per group head. All new gaskets are lubricated with NSF food service grade lubricant.

*** Purchasing this "product" creates a deposit for the first hour of service and gets you on our service calendar. Additional costs for parts and labor will be billed at the time of service. We charge $75 per hour for labor including travel ($95 on weekends). Minimum one hour is charged on all service appointments. ***