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Holiday Private Label

We’ve been getting quite a bit of interest in our Private Label program recently, so we decided to make a video and a blog post to explain the process and prices of starting your own private label. You can take a look at each by following this link

With the holidays coming up, one of the many ways to use our private label program is to create your own holiday coffee. We wanted to share some ideas and inspiration for your holiday Private Label needs. In this scenario, we have a block bottom bag paired with your custom label on the holiday theme bag of your choice. For those who might not celebrate Christmas, we have other options such as, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa, as well a winter themed. We have a variety of blends and single origin coffee, as well as light, medium and dark roasts, and we would also be happy to work with you on a special blend.

If you are looking for an engaging way to connect with your followers, or an interesting gift that customers and employees will love, consider working with us on a Holiday Private Label project. We would be happy to mock something up for you, so you can get some inspiration and ideas for your custom holiday package. We also highly recommend pairing the coffee bag with a mug, we find it really drives forward the gift engagement possibilities. There are also many mug options we can get customized for you, from high-end mugs to classic mugs. 

The possibilities with this are truly endless. The deadline to get these just in time for the holidays is Friday, November 18th. If this sounds like a project for you, contact us to receive more information.

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