$ 19.00

If you're as serious about coffee as we are then you'll want to get on the 3 month coffee subscription program. You'll be rewarded with wholesale prices and an endless stream of top tier coffee.

Here's what you'll get -- One kilo or 5 pounds of amazing coffee delivered to your door once a month during the length of your pre-paid subscription. When your subscription expires we'll kindly remind you and ask if you want to let it ride. 

  • Swap varieties at any time
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Great for gifting

What's the difference between the pre-paid coffee subscription and the monthly coffee subscription? Well for starters the pre-paid programs give you a better discount. The 12 month program is at nearly wholesale pricing. The 3 month program gives you a slightly better discount than monthly billing. Speaking of monthly billing, herein lies the other benefit -- you don't have to worry about updating your credit card with us every time you lose your wallet or get hacked. I can't tell you how many people wake up Saturday morning expecting their regular subscription to be in the mailbox only to find out their subscription was paused due to payment changes. In short, pre-paid costs you less money, you get bigger bags of coffee with fewer deliveries, and you'll never have to suffer the frustration of updating your payment details.

Have more questions? Give us a call, send an email, or stalk us on social media. We'll respond as quick as we can.