organic top lot coffee subscription
organic top lot coffee subscription Top Lot Subscription
$ 15.00

Our Top Lot Subscription will consist of a rotating selection of some darn good coffee from all over the globe. These coffees will always be limited edition microlot coffees that are unique and rare. When we come across a coffee that's just too special not to share then we'll pick up just enough to share with our loyal subscribers. This is a chance for us to explore and experience some interesting and exceptional coffees and share those coffees with the people that can appreciate it. If this interests you then be sure to get on the list. 

We encourage those new to specialty coffee to explore this rotating selection of single origin coffees from the most prized coffee growing regions around the world. You'll quickly begin to notice the differences in flavor, body and acidity that are characteristic to each coffee growing region. It's exciting when you can begin to identify the abundant blueberry aromas of a natural processed Ethiopian coffee or the familiar chocolate-caramel flavor and comforting body of a washed Colombian coffee.

Roasting and dispatch: These coffees are so darn good that you'll only want them at their peak freshness. With that being said the coffee will be roasted  and delivered free of charge via USPS in 8 oz packages. Subscriptions will be billed once every two weeks. After purchasing the subscription please be patient for the next roast date to have your subscription fulfilled, it will be worth the wait. We'll keep you in the loop though.