How I Built A Coffee Roastery | LA December 14th
How I Built A Coffee Roastery | LA December 14th How I Built A Coffee Roastery | LA December 14th How I Built A Coffee Roastery | LA December 14th How I Built A Coffee Roastery | LA December 14th
$ 95.00

Are you a home roaster looking to break into the commercial side? Or a cafe owner considering roasting coffee for your own cafes? Do you have questions and having a hard time getting answers?

We'll show you exactly how we built and operate a professional coffee roastery.

Calioh Coffee's founder is offering for the first time an unfiltered invitation to see the inner workings of a functioning commercial roastery. In this seminar we'll share exactly how we brought our dream to fruition, how we're operating now, and most importantly how you can too. Here's a preview of what we'll touch on:

  • Design
  • Permitting
  • Engineering
  • Skilled Trades
  • Green Coffee Buying
  • Roast Profiles
  • Work Flow
  • Shopify
  • Cropster
  • Quickbooks
  • Pricing
  • Competition
  • Realistic Revenue Expectations

"Who are you and what are you selling?" - Our founder Matt built Calioh Coffee from the ground up. He cashed in a stagnant 401K and funded the rest from a small business loan and earnings from his day job (and lots of credit cards - not advised but we'll talk about that.) While his Giesen was being manufactured in the Netherlands he was simultaneously arranging importation of the roaster across the Atlantic; negotiating a commercial lease; working with designers, permitting officials, and builders on construction; learning about air quality restrictions; organic certification; processed food registration; etc, etc, etc. As a small business owner Matt had to learn a lot on the fly.

Matt received formal training with Willam Boot at the Boot Coffee Campus in San Rafael, CA. He was subsequently certified by the Specialty Coffee Association as a Level 1 Roaster after much more training. Matt regularly attends coffee conferences and keeps up with emerging trends in the industry. Though Matt doesn't claim to be an expert, nor does he promise to make anyone else one, he is committed to sharing his knowledge and experience with as many people who will listen.

You can't put a price on knowledge. - The value that Matt is going to share with you most assuredly pales in comparison to the price of attendance. It would take years and lots of mistakes to start from scratch and attain the experience that Matt is ready to share with you. You can get ahead of the learning curve in just a few hours in this seminar. Anyone who doesn't walk out informed and empowered, ready to strike out on their own and start a successful coffee roastery tomorrow, Matt has agreed to fully refund their price of attendance.

Admission also includes breakfast from Clyde Common, Ace Hotel’s resident restaurant, along with Stumptown coffee. Attendees will also get a one year magazine subscription to Fresh Cup magazine, a handy How To manual, and a Fresh Cup branded Klean Kanteen coffee mug. The fancy swag is compliments of the generous folks from Fresh Cup Magazine.

Here’s what others have to say about us - Matt has an immensive knowledge of not only the roasting process, but also the many facets of the coffee industry in general. His unique knowledge assisted us with overcoming some of the largest hurdles we initially faced when starting the business. We owe a great amount of our success to his continued support. Without him, we could not have achieved the level of success we have been rewarded with in such a short amount of time. Matt is truly a coffee Guru." - Wesley Brower Some People's Kids Coffee Company, LLC

Register today  for our seminar and come learn as much as Matt has to share. It may be cliche, but Matt truly believes in community over competition, and that rising tides lift all boats. 

The Portland seminar will be at the the Ace Hotel in "Room 101" on October 6th. This will be a workshop type seminar, and breakfast is included. Expect to spend 3 hours in this workshop.


Coffee Business Workshop
Ace Hotel Portland
1022 SW Harvey Milk St, Portland, OR 97205
October 6, 2019
9 AM until 12 PM

The venue for our Los Angeles seminar is still to be determined. More information is to come as it develops.

You can reach out to Matt with any questions at