Le Nez du Café Course | January 7, 2020
$ 50.00

From the cupping table to your kitchen table, coffee flavor descriptors can be bewildering. Pick up a bag of Ethiopian coffee from most any local coffee roaster and on the label you might find this -- Round body with mild acidity. In the cup jasmine and rose hips with a punchy lemon zest finish. Just where the heck to they come up with this stuff? 

Surprising to know, they're not just making it up. Many coffee professionals have gone through an arduous program to help them identify these flavor profiles. These folks are called Q Graders. Becoming a Q Grader is very similar to becoming a Master Sommelier in the wine industry.

One of the courses taught in the Q Grader certification track is Le Nez du Cafe. Le Nez translates to The Nose, a term adopted from the wine industry. In our Le Nez course you'll have the opportunity to experience the major 36 aromas that guide professional coffee tasters through their enchanting descriptions of specialty coffee. 

We'll start by sampling each aroma and creating a picture of how each aroma translates in our minds. Then we'll match those aromas to some roasted coffees. You'll experience how black tea and honey flavors translate in a cup of coffee. Finally, we'll finish with an exercise where you'll put your newly refined olfactory system to work. You'll soon realize that you too can identify those same bewildering descriptors and start sizing your coffee up like a pro (or snob depending on how far you take it.)

This class is anticipated to last 3 hours. In order to make your experience the best, please refrain from eating anything with a heavy lingering taste, like garlic, one hour prior to the course. Also, try to avoid smoking, chewing, vaping, or brushing your teeth if you can help it — this could affect the effectiveness of senses.