$ 12,700.00

La Marzocco espresso machines are ubiquitous in cafes across the world. Cafe owners who truly care about coffee rely on the quality and dependability of the La Marzocco brand. They are handmade in Italy and built to last. La Marzocco combines timeless design with cutting edge technology to ensure baristas have a simple interface and an ergonomic workspace where they can consistently create well crafted coffee beverages with confidence. If we had to choose which manufacture we'd choose, based on quality, it would have to be La Marzocco. Other espresso machine manufacturers offer other product benefits, such as value and fancy features, however no other compares to the simple dependability and quality of every espresso machine in the La Marzocco line.

Prices quoted are FOB from Seattle, WA. This means that the cost of shipping is not included. Expect to pay about $300 for an espresso machine to be shipped anywhere within the United States. This charge will be added to your order once freight is quoted. The freight price is subject to change and is entirely dependent on market conditions, as well as options selected by the recipient, i.e. lift gate, inside delivery, delivery appointment, or any other unique receiving circumstances.

La Marzocco machines come with a standard 13 month warranty.

When purchasing your espresso machine through Calioh Coffee, LLC we will conduct a pre-delivery inspection to ensure the proper utilities are in place, which includes electrical and water supply sufficient to power the machine. Calioh Coffee, LLC will also conduct all installation and warranty repairs of machines purchased for installation within 100 miles of our headquarters in Ventura, CA.