Colombia | Women's Association
Colombia | Women's Association Colombia | Women's Association
$ 16.50

Upgrade Your Morning Ritual

Imagine a coffee that reminds you of sweet pixie tangerines at peak harvest. And aroma that awakens memories of fresh baked brownies. That’s what you’ll experience in our newest Colombian coffee.

The best coffees on the planet come from the highest elevation farms. This coffee was grown on a mountain at 5,500 feet above sea level! Many other coffees are grown at lower elevations -- dare we say swamps. And, this coffee is certified organic! “Big deal”, you say? Organic coffee isn’t just for yogis and hippies. Organic is for everyone! It's better for you. It's better for the environment. It's better for the farmers. 

We offer you this coffee at a price that will encourage farmers to keep producing top quality coffee while also earning a sustainable income. That might sound expected, but a lot of coffee bought by “commercial” coffee roasters is purchased below the price of production. Meaning farmers actually lose money by growing coffee. Imagine selling your grandma’s famous apple pie at a bake sale for $5 that cost you $7 to make. You wouldn’t be happy. We’re excited to pay a fair price for the farmer’s hard work so that you can experience a truly exceptional coffee.

When you’re enjoying this coffee you’ll be comforted in knowing that you are directly supporting women-owned coffee farms in Cauca, Colombia. The AMUCC co-op is an association of 274 women who produce amazing coffee for you on their family run coffee plantations.

Buy a bag of this coffee today and we’ll roast it fresh for you. We’ll ship it out for free in one of our next generation compostable bags. That’s right -- no more of those foil lined bags and tin cans that will never disappear (no matter how pretty they are).

At Calioh Coffee we’re driven by quality and stand behind our coffee 100%. If our coffee doesn’t completely knock your socks off, we’ll send you something that will.