$ 20.00

Central Coast United SC and Calioh Coffee have partnered to provide a holiday fundraiser for each team to boost their team accounts. This will fund out-of-own tournament entries and expenses.

Each team will be provided a unique team QR code so sales go to your team account -- similar to the Corporate Sponsorship Program. 100% of profits go to each team account. CCU receives no payment. Each sales order will be drop-shipped to you or your "customers" address. Deadline for orders is December 20th, 2022.

Options available at $20 per bag (50% profit to each team):

* Dark Roast * Medium Roast * Medium Roast Decaf *

Your CCU team managers will be receiving your team QR codes shortly to send out via Teamsnap. Looking forward to a profitable return for all our members leading up to the holiday season.

Hugh Payne