$ 55.00

I began my exploration into Mexican coffee because of my love for the culture and architecture. I wanted to tell a story about all of the beauty in Mexico while incorporating their storied coffee history. As I was conducting research for the Café de México article I learned so much more about what it means to be an indigenous Mexican coffee farmer. Even though Mexican coffee is steeped in a long history of adversity, resilient coffee farmers are making an incredible recovery. 

Travel along with me while I embark on a journey to Mexico, and get ready to experience all that Mexican coffee has to offer. 

On April 30th I'll be traveling to Chiapas, Mexico to experience Mexican coffee first-hand. While on my journey I'm going to source some of the best coffee Mexico has to offer. A colleague of mine already has boots on the ground in Chiapas, narrowing the options of what would be best to share with all of you.

I haven't selected the coffee that I'll be bringing back, so I don't have tasting notes available to share, but it is guaranteed to blow you away.

Read all about Café de México in our recent blog post.

Prices are as follows:

12 oz. bag = $22

2.2 lb. bag = $55

Collection* = $165

* The Chiapas Coffee Collection includes one 2.2 lb. bag of coffee per month for three months, along with a special gift from Chiapas, Mexico and free shipping.