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Pokemon loose in the Bay Area!

Hi everyone. This is my first blog, and quite possibly the first time I've used the word "blog." It'll be short and sweet.

I've been in the Bay area for the last week trying to put the final pieces of this coffee roasting puzzle together. I spent the last week taking some classes on coffee roasting in hopes of sharpening my skills. Also, I've been cupping (tasting) coffees from all over the world trying to find the perfect coffee to bring back to the shop to roast and share with all of you. I've been through A LOT of coffee but I just haven't quite found the one yet, but we're getting closer. I have another eight or so coffees coming to me this week that I'll roast and cup, and a visit planned with a green coffee importer for more cupping, so my fingers are crossed.

I've expanded my network of coffee professionals to a new level this past week. Just being around so much knowledge and experience has been absolutely invaluable. 

Wednesday will start another 3 days of intensive hands-on-training on the coffee roaster, followed by more field trips to famous San Francisco espresso bars. They say bananas help curb the caffeine overload -- hasn't worked yet.

I'm hoping to have the car loaded up on Friday with a few hundred pounds of coffee and my brain full with a galaxy of new information. 

In current news... There are reports of Pokemon running amok on a global level!

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